May 06, 2009



Word Maverick Consulting - Big Company Tools for Small and Medium Sized Companies

Word Maverick Consulting leverages big company tools - the kind Fortune 500 companies use - for small and medium sized companies. Services are tailored for the specific needs of the small and medium sized business to capture maximum value. Discover the benefits of Word Maverick Consulting today:


Database development

Software application design and requirements gathering

Off-the-shelf/vendor software selection and request for proposal (RFP) development

Workflow automation solutions

Website strategy, design and maintenance

Content management systems for internet/intranet (CMS)

Blog creation, strategy and maintenance

Project management

Methodology/PMO/Governance strategies

General technology health assessment


MarketingSales and marketing collateral developmentSearch engine optimization

Social networking strategies and maintenance

Website content design, development and maintenance

Media conversion

Viral advertising/grass roots marketing initiatives

Internet ad placement

Email campaign design, distribution and maintenance


Business Process Management

Process mapping/process flows

Workflow automation opportunities assessment, ROI calculation, and implementation

Date Integration - Integrate multiple data sources into one view

Sales, Operational, Financial Report Design

Offshoring strategy/implementation

Imaging and document storage strategies

Automated Decision/Pricing Engines


Disaster Recovery

Data backup, storage, security strategy

Recovery plan development and rehearsal, asset management, co-location during recovery